Central Park Condos 紐約中央公園豪華豪宅

Many of our international buyers love Central Park and would like to buy a two bedroom condo with Central Park view, the pricing of Central park condo has a broad range because it depends on a number of variable’s, most importantly if you are looking within a certain building and specifically what type of Central Park View are you looking for?

Time Warner Center at 25 and 60 Columbus Circle. Non-park exposure facing Two Bedrooms are typically asking on average about $4,000,000 USD, but the direct park facing exposure units usually start in the $8,000,000 range.  There is quite a premium for the park facing units.  Other factors might come into play also, such as park facing units might be a bit larger than the non-park facing apartments.
The premium for Central Park Views from within the same building is going to be a consistent variable, no matter the building.  If you are looking at 101 West 67th Street, 160 Central Park South, 1 Central Park West, or 15 Central Park West, the premium for Central Park Facing units is going to be quite evident.
The type of Central Park view you desire is going to also determine the buildings you will be looking at and the price segment that you will have to look within.  If you want an unobstructed direct park views in a building right on Central Park there are only going to be a few codominiums both on Central Park West, Central Park South or Fifth Avenue that have this type of view and placement.
If you just want the view but can be a block or two off of Central Park then your options will open up. A building like 101 West 67th St has some of the most commanding Central Park Views in the Upper West from a condominium building, or 721 Fifth Avenue or One Beacon Court, the high floor units have spectacular views.
Call us and we can find you a suitable condo with Central Park view or near Central Park.

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  1. This is a good price idea for us, did not. realize there is signficant price difference on park facing or not.

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