Best Chinese Real Estate agent

Best Chinese Real Estate Agent is what some of our past customers and clients said about our team service when we help them to either sell or buy a condo and investment property in Manhattan New York.

We are rated as one of the Best Chinese English Bilingual Real Estate agent team because treat each one of our buyers and sellers as our family and friends, we provide them with the most accurate market information and data so they can make an educated decision for themselves.

We are also referred as the Best Chinese Real Estate Agent team because we do not pressure our buyers or sellers when it comes to their Real Estate investments unlike other agents on the market.

We believe in assessing our buyers and sellers needs so everyone can have the most pleasant and productive experience in working together as a team.

Our buyers and sellers often praise our professionalism and diligentness in our daily communication with them.

We do not ask buyers to buy every properties they see, with our years of experience, we make comments about each properties we visit, and if we do not feel the property is the right property for them, we are upfront and straightforward with our buyers. This is why our buyers always refer other close family friends to us, they often refer us as the Best and most recommended Chinese Real Estate agent to their friends and families.

Whenever our sellers receive an offer on a property, we review each offers together on the price and term. We are highly detailed oriented to ensure our sellers understand each buyers’ qualification so not a single detail is over-looked. We are proud of the Best Chinese Real Estate Agent title by our past sellers.

Below are a list of testimonials by our past sellers and buyers and we invite to call us today at (646)644-6929 so we can see if we are a good fit in working together in your Real Estate sale or purchase.


Finding an apartment in Manhattan requires a lot of luck, not to mention if you are an international buyer finding your first home in this mega city. I was very lucky to have met Eileen. I had spoken with couple other brokers before contacting her. I decided to work with Eileen because she is among them all the most professional and efficient. She replied my emails promptly and provided me useful data on different Manhattan neighborhoods and inventory even before I arrived New York city. No time was wasted during my short stay in NYC. Eileen only showed me apartments that fit my needs and budget. She was also able to explain to my mother all the details in fluent Mandarin. I found Eileen more like a friend. She continues to offer help even after I moved in to the new apartment. I would recommend Eileen Hsu without hesitation. Cheryl Yang


因為是第一次在美國購置投資地產,許多方面不甚了解。幸好有Eileen為我們從地產種類,每個區域價位到購房手續一步一步細心指導。由於我們並不居住與紐約,往返行程匆忙,Eileen非常貼心得為我們制定好了充實合理有效率的open house行程,從看房到下訂單只花了一個禮拜左右的時間。由於是投資置業,房屋出租的問題我們起先也有不少的顧慮。Eileen主動提出為我們篩選租客,談定價格,並非常即時有效得和物業管理進行租賃合同意向的溝通,我們得以非常順利得在短短兩個月內購置、出租這套在十分符合我們心理價位和地段的房產。Ms Shen from Canada


我在寻找房子和买房子之间只花了一个多月的时间,在这么短的期间里Eileen 帮了我很大的忙,你只要提出你的要求她就能帮你找到你想要的,她会全心全意的帮你一直到你满意的为止,她的服务非常到位和非常专业,从找房,买房,谈价格,介绍律师等等,全部都帮你办妥。如果你有什么不懂的全都可以问她,例如买房子的保险,买家具的地址,等等。我非常感谢她帮我找到了我现在住的房子。如果我有朋友需要买房子我会强力推荐他们去找Eileen的。谢谢, JC XU.


Eileen was very helpful in helping me find my apartment in the West Village. I was interested only in condos in the area, a fact that she was very sensitive to, and made sure that I saw all the available apts in the west village as well as surrounding areas.   She was able to effectively communicate with my parents in Mandarin about the intricacies of the NYC real estate market, thus making the home-purchasing process an enjoyable and rewarding one. Two thumbs up!! Michelle Chuang


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