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Chinese Real Estate Investors work with us Chinese Speaking Agents

Chinese Real Estate Investors work with us Chinese Speaking Agents

In the recent years, we are seeing 46% of increase of many sophisticated oversea Chinese investors and buyers coming to Manhattan New York and have strong interest in investing in New York residential and commercial properties.

Our Chinese Real Estate Investors that work with our Chinese Real Estate Agent team to discuss their overview goals of what they like to achieve. The investors are very keen on New York because they understand that this city is a safe city for long term Real Estate investments.

When the Chinese Real Estate investors coming from Asia, depending on their travel schedule and preference, we provide them with the latest market trend, data and stats, inventory, and upcoming investment opportunities.

Chinese Real Estate investors also feel comfortable in working with our team as we speak the same language, we excel at what we do here in this competitive Manhattan Real Estate, we can easily discuss with them the difference in purchasing Real Estate here in Manhattan New York versus to their home country or province. We have the same culture, so there are many nuance that is not spoken by words but understood.

Many Manhattan New York condo owners and developers contact us as they would like to work with Chinese Real Estate investors, Chinese buyers are now making headliners in purchasing some of the most expensive properties in Manhattan New York. We welcome any condo owners or developers to contact us so we can discuss how we can work together and create a working relationship.


Below are some recent articles about Chinese Buyers active in New York city Market:

Chinese Buyer purchased at $70M Manhattan coop http://therealdeal.com/blog/2015/03/10/chinese-buyer-pays-70m-for-sherry-netherland-co-op/

Chinese Buyers pushed up New York city and London Prices: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-19/chinese-hunt-for-trophy-properties-pushing-up-nyc-london-prices

Chinese Insurers companies active looking for properties:http://therealdeal.com/blog/2014/10/06/why-chinese-insurers-could-be-next-big-nyc-property-buyers/

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Chinese Real Estate Agent work with Different Chinese Real Estate Buyers

Chinese Real Estate Agent work with Different Chinese Real Estate Buyers

We are Chinese Real Estate Agents team that is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese and have lots of working experiences with different types of Chinese Mandarin speaking buyers looking to buy in Manhattan New York. We are a bilingual team facilitate sales between Chinese speaking buyers/clients with English speaking sellers, co-brokers, developers, investors.

As Chinese Real Estate buyer’s agent service – Our successful track record is recognized every year at our company award show, we are the Chairman Platinum Award recipient in year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. We are consistently the top producing team among our market place and Manhattan New York.

Chinese buyers contact us to look for many Real Estate opportunities in Manhattan New York, here are some of our buyers:
Chinese parents buying for children that either go to school or work in New York:
Chinese culture prefer to buy versus renting, parents often work hard, have a good saving plan to send children oversea to higher education and eventually buy them a home. Majority of our buyers are parents that either live in Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and etc) or out of town that has a son or daughter that is already in New York.

This big city New York has many universities and academic schools offers great International student programs to further their education. We have work with parents that have children go to School of Visual Arts (SVA) studying communication design, we looked for top condos near School of Visual Arts or close proximity that is comfortable enough for them to commute. Other than SVA, there is Parsons, which many of our past clients have son or daughter studying Fashion Design at this top rated university, we know what condo building that will be suitable for your search.

New York University (NYU) that has different campus in different neighborhood of Manhattan New York, depending on if the child goes to NYU Stern Business school or NYU Dental school, we have a list of top condos near those NYU campuses.

Many Chinese parents are also buying because their son or daughter work in New York, we as Chinese Real Estate Buyer’s Agent team had helped many parents that have a son or daughter work for financial institutions, and depending on where the office is located, there are a lot of Manhattan Midtown East or Midtown West condo options, as well as Financial District neighborhood offers great deal of condo options for buyers.

Chinese buyers who purchase for the future:

As we mentioned before, buying Real Estate is a part of Chinese culture, we know it is a sound investment if we find the right property. Many of our Chinese buyers often are very smart and sophisticated, they are well informed with current events and world news, often they look for the right opportunity to purchase. We have work with buyers who purchase because maybe their young child who is 4 or 5 years old one day would like to move to Manhattan New York, they secured a good property now at today’s pricing, when their young child is grown, perhaps they will trade in for a more spacious and larger apartment, and for now, they will hold the property either use it when they visit New York or rent out to long term tenants.

We have sold many newer construction condos to Chinese buyers because the pricing is attractive and there is no hassle in renovating the apartment or near future upkeep. There is also a good future price appreciation in New construction condo when we select the right one for the purpose.

For parents with young children, often they ask about schools in New York and like some guidances in Manhattan school system. We have worked with parents that we connect them with the right school consultants and educators to them so that they can be well informed. Prepare children for their future education is all Chinese parents top priority, we offer our resources for parents that would be interested to know more.We provide many life essentials and resources for our international Chinese buyers.


Chinese Real Estate Investors:
We work with many oversea international Chinese Real Estate Investors, many of the investors are savvy and have purchased Real Estate other parts of the world or country. These groups of Chinese Real Estate investors are extremely numbers savvy and rely on the ROI, Return on Investment yield to make decision, when we work with these Chinese Real Estate investors, we provide them with details of assessment and diagnostic of each project.

Our Chinese Real Estate investors are interested in residential buildings, commercial spaces, development land sites, to hotels and various Real Estate venture projects.

International and Chinese Real Estate Investors work with our Chinese Real Estate buyer’s agent team to discuss what they like to achieve. Some investors are more aggressive would like to immediate return and high gains, while others prefer a longer term investment that they can reply on. We consult them on what is realistic goals and what can be achieve within their comfort zone.


Regardless of our buyers intention and motivation in buying and investing in Manhattan New York, our special client base are high net worth buyers from various countries in Asia and as well as in United States, we have been connecting New York properties and investments to our special clients for the past decade. The buyers trust in working with us because we have their best interest at heart. When it comes to advise our buyers, we complete an extensive research and due diligence before presenting the investment opportunity to our clients as time is valuable for our international clients.

If you are an New York city Condo Sellers or Developers, we would be happy to discuss how you can benefit from working with our team to maximize your marketing exposure to an very special specific oversea market. We work with highly financial qualified buyers that are seeking to purchase multiple investment condominium units.


We speak with many Manhattan New York sellers that have unique properties in New York and investment opportunities that they would like the special exposure and attention of our high net worth Chinese buyers.

We also work with many different buyers whether they speak Chinese or English in various stages of purchase. If you are a buyer and already found the right property that you would like to present an offer, call us, we can represent you and facilitate you through out the process. We ensure your buying process is smooth without any mistakes.

If you are a buyer had just started looking for property. Contact us and we can work on a plan for you to find the suitable property within your desirable time-frame.

You can reach our team by calling (646)644-6929.

Email us https://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/

Read more about our Chinese-speaking Real Estate service team:

Buyer Service 買家服務


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Taiwanese Chinese Real Estate Agent in New York city

Taiwanese Chinese Real Estate Agent in New York City

I am a bilingual Real Estate agent that was born in Taiwan and my family moved to New York when I was at the age of 13. Being able to help others to find different homes for people searching home ,using bilingual Taiwanese Chinese language has been one of my biggest asset.

New York city has 40 different languages and dialects spoken in this metro area. You could not walk around Manhattan without hearing a foreign accent on the busy street or on Subways.

As a Taiwanese-Chinese Real Estate Agent in New York city, I learn majority of the spoken and written language while I was growing up in Taipei Taiwan. I was born in Taipei Taiwan (Republic of China) 臺灣, The main island of Taiwan, is known as Formosa (from Portuguese  Formosa, meaning “beautiful (island)”), is located in East Asia off the coast of China.

Majority of people in Taiwan speak both Standard Mandarin (officially recognized by the Republic Of China as the National Language) and Taiwanese Minnan (also known as “Taiwanese”; a variant of Min Nan spoken in Fujian province).  

Mandarin is the primary language that is taught in schools, now many are embracing the old culture and speaking more and more Taiwanese, so there are radio and television stations broadcast in Taiwanese not Mandarin.

I SPEAK BOTH MANDARIN and very simple TAIWANESE, my grand-parents from my father side only speaks Taiwanese so I had to learn the language growing so to communicate with her.

When our family moved to New York when I was a 13 years old, going to English speaking American schools, I often want to speak English more than Chinese so that I can fit in with others in the school. I often not want to speak much of my own language in school because I was learning my way around how to speak like ‘an American girl’ with a proper accent. As an young girl, I wanted to be like everyone else in school. It was not an easy process especially now in a new environment and trying to make new friends without knowing the language can sometimes be very scary.

I learn my English through ESL classes (English as Second Language class) with many other students in the school who also speak another language at home. There were many different nationality students in the class, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Indian, Ecuadorian and others, we enjoy our English learning process. Even though English was not our first language and most of us excelled in other subjects in the school.

Although my family have always remind me not to forget Chinese language as one day it will be very useful for me. Here is a glamour photo of me when I was perhaps around 7-8 years old.


Fast forward, decades later, Chinese is now one of the most highly desired language among job hunting field and many parents we see are sending their children to Chinese language schools so young children can learn Chinese.  Chinese is one of the harder language to learn later on in years, I was lucky that it is my native language.

Being a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent in New York, I have been able to helped many buyers who does not speak English to find the condo and investments they are looking for, and working with many sellers and buyers who also share the same culture heritage. I have been servicing oversea investors that speaks Chinese and connecting sellers who would like to sell their property to oversea investors using my language and culture connection.

If you are a buyer looking to work with a bilingual speaking and experienced agent, we would love to hear from you.請您來電給我們(646)644-2929。以我們豐富的交易經驗提供您最完美最完善的服務。you can email us: https://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/

If you are a serious seller that would like to have your property showcase to our oversea buyer connection. Please contact us now at (646)644-6929.

Best Chinese Real Estate agent

Best Chinese Real Estate Agent is what some of our past customers and clients said about our team service when we help them to either sell or buy a condo and investment property in Manhattan New York.

We are rated as one of the Best Chinese English Bilingual Real Estate agent team because treat each one of our buyers and sellers as our family and friends, we provide them with the most accurate market information and data so they can make an educated decision for themselves.

We are also referred as the Best Chinese Real Estate Agent team because we do not pressure our buyers or sellers when it comes to their Real Estate investments unlike other agents on the market.

We believe in assessing our buyers and sellers needs so everyone can have the most pleasant and productive experience in working together as a team.

G_Starck_16C_ViewOur buyers and sellers often praise our professionalism and diligentness in our daily communication with them.

We do not ask buyers to buy every properties they see, with our years of experience, we make comments about each properties we visit, and if we do not feel the property is the right property for them, we are upfront and straightforward with our buyers. This is why our buyers always refer other close family friends to us, they often refer us as the Best and most recommended Chinese Real Estate agent to their friends and families.

Whenever our sellers receive an offer on a property, we review each offers together on the price and term. We are highly detailed oriented to ensure our sellers understand each buyers’ qualification so not a single detail is over-looked. We are proud of the Best Chinese Real Estate Agent title by our past sellers.

Below are a list of testimonials by our past sellers and buyers and we invite to call us today at (646)644-6929 so we can see if we are a good fit in working together in your Real Estate sale or purchase.


Finding an apartment in Manhattan requires a lot of luck, not to mention if you are an international buyer finding your first home in this mega city. I was very lucky to have met Eileen. I had spoken with couple other brokers before contacting her. I decided to work with Eileen because she is among them all the most professional and efficient. She replied my emails promptly and provided me useful data on different Manhattan neighborhoods and inventory even before I arrived New York city. No time was wasted during my short stay in NYC. Eileen only showed me apartments that fit my needs and budget. She was also able to explain to my mother all the details in fluent Mandarin. I found Eileen more like a friend. She continues to offer help even after I moved in to the new apartment. I would recommend Eileen Hsu without hesitation. Cheryl Yang


因為是第一次在美國購置投資地產,許多方面不甚了解。幸好有Eileen為我們從地產種類,每個區域價位到購房手續一步一步細心指導。由於我們並不居住與紐約,往返行程匆忙,Eileen非常貼心得為我們制定好了充實合理有效率的open house行程,從看房到下訂單只花了一個禮拜左右的時間。由於是投資置業,房屋出租的問題我們起先也有不少的顧慮。Eileen主動提出為我們篩選租客,談定價格,並非常即時有效得和物業管理進行租賃合同意向的溝通,我們得以非常順利得在短短兩個月內購置、出租這套在十分符合我們心理價位和地段的房產。Ms Shen from Canada


我在寻找房子和买房子之间只花了一个多月的时间,在这么短的期间里Eileen 帮了我很大的忙,你只要提出你的要求她就能帮你找到你想要的,她会全心全意的帮你一直到你满意的为止,她的服务非常到位和非常专业,从找房,买房,谈价格,介绍律师等等,全部都帮你办妥。如果你有什么不懂的全都可以问她,例如买房子的保险,买家具的地址,等等。我非常感谢她帮我找到了我现在住的房子。如果我有朋友需要买房子我会强力推荐他们去找Eileen的。谢谢, JC XU.


Eileen was very helpful in helping me find my apartment in the West Village. I was interested only in condos in the area, a fact that she was very sensitive to, and made sure that I saw all the available apts in the west village as well as surrounding areas.   She was able to effectively communicate with my parents in Mandarin about the intricacies of the NYC real estate market, thus making the home-purchasing process an enjoyable and rewarding one. Two thumbs up!! Michelle Chuang


Call us now, at (646)644-6929 so we can work together in achieving your Real Estate goal.

Are you a Chinese parent looking to buy a NYC condo for your son or daughter?

Are you a Chinese parent looking to buy a NYC condo for your son or daughter?

One of our expertise as Chinese Speaking Real Estate agents is to educate buyers who are parents looking for a suitable condo for their son or daughter that is currently living in Manhattan New York.

Many of our Chinese buyers who are parents, they have purchased their home in other places but their previous Real Estate experiences are almost irrelevant when it comes to buying in Manhattan New York.

As being Asian ourselves, we know what is important for Asian parents. We know parents want the best for your young son or daughter, find a suitable condo in a safe and convenient location is the one of our top priority. We are also financial savvy, we understand your Real Estate purchase is also serving as a long term Real Estate investment, hence it is absolutely beneficial for you to work with us who have extensive experiences working in finding the right property that will meet all of your criteria.

We helped many Chinese parents who have young adult son or daughter that go to Columbia University, Fordham Law School, New York University, Stern, Parsons school of design, School of Visual Arts, music school and other well known schools.

We also have parents buying for their young professional son or daughter who recently relocate to NYC working for different companies.

Each buyer have very unique and different criterias as we can discuss that when we are on the telephone.

Here are few key steps to prepare and understand before your home search

  • Time frame – this is one of the most overlooked point when buyer first start looking for home. Is your son or daughter current renting an apartment? This is important to know so you can plan ahead.
  • 45 days to 60 days IF YOU PLAN ON PURCHASE IT ALL CASH, cash means money in your bank account, this does NOT include any offshore financing or creative financing. (this does not include New development or new construction buildings. If new buildings, it can be much longer depending on the building, or it can be quick) Typically, the quickest we can close would be 45 days. If it is a cooperative, then it can be 90 or more days subject to condo board approval. If it is new construction condo, it can be two weeks up to unknown period of time depending on construction stage.
  • 60 days or LONGER if FINANCING: If you are planning on financing this investment, be sure to speak to a local Manhattan lender that is familiarize with the market, the lending rules, and the mortgage products that may be suitable for you and your son/daughter.
  • Result Oriented and Diligent Real Estate Agent: We are the market experts to educate you the housing market. Based on our detail discussion when you contact us, we will then customize a home search for you and plan all the necessary steps ahead prior to your trip to NYC. You can read about our other Happy Buyers’ Testimonials about us here: (http://manhattannycondosforsale.com/testimonial-past-clients/)
We are efficient and experienced Chinese Mandarin Real Estate agents that has the similar culture as our Chinese buyers. We help them buy a NYC condo withint reasonable amount of timeframe.To avoid any delay or issues during your home search for your son and daughter, it is advantageous for you to team up with agents who have the experience to ensure a smooth process. You may have purchase homes in your home state or country before, but Manhattan New York is a very unique market, and Real Estate is local so it will benefit you as a buyer to best prepare so you do not waste anytime if you plan to visit NYC and identify a property for your son or daughter, call us today to plan this purchase today.

Smart and savvy buyers work with agents like ourselves, contact us today https://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/ to experience result oriented agents.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your Chinese Speaking Agent NYC

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your Chinese Speaking Agent NYC

This time of the year New York city is decorated by festive colorful holiday lights. Many of our international clients agree that Christmas time is a wonderful time to visit New York city and take in all the high holiday energy this wonderful city has. We want to thank all of our wonderful buyers and sellers to make 2014 a glorious year and we look forward in assisting you in your selling and buying in 2015.


Spring 2014 Market in Manhattan New York

Spring is upon us, the market in Manhattan New York is indeed strong and very active.

As top Chinese English speaking team, we represent both sellers and buyers in Manhattan market place. Since the market is strong and moving steady, it is important for both buyers and sellers to have the right expectation when entering into the market.

When we represent sellers, we ensure to educate the seller in the most current market condition. Many of our sellers have been reading online articles and reports that this may be an advantageous market for sellers. This may be true, due to the low market inventory and surplus of demand, at the same, depending on the location, quality and the condition of each individual property, pricing correctly remind to be the very key to successful selling in this market.

Central Park

When we represent buyers, we like to have a buyers’ consultation to start, we ask buyers the right questions and listen to buyers’ needs in buying in Manhattan New York. We cater and recommend different properties depending on individual buyers’ specific needs. Our buyers are often international foreign buyers, many of the buyers are internationally well travelled and savvy in terms to purchasing property/Real Estate in different parts of the country or world. There may be many preconception in terms of how to buy and sell Real Estate, therefore, we work hard to explain to them our unique market and the purchase process in New York city.

If you are a seller, looking to work with a top selling team that can market your property locally and internationally, call us (646)644-6929.

If you are a buyer and would like to work with an experienced team that will ensure your purchase stress-free with efficient communication style. We are the team you should work with. Call us, (646)644-6929.

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate agents in NYC wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS

We Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate agents in NYC wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family to our friends and readers who read our blog posts and take the time to always make comments.

We look forward to help you and your family/friends buy or sell Manhattan New York Real Estate in 2014. 

Mandarin Chinese speaking agent Eileen Hsu and her mother.

Mandarin Chinese speaking agent Eileen Hsu and her mother.

Chinese Mandarin Real Estate Agent Market Report NYC 2013

Chinese Mandarin Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu explain in Chinese language of the common questions asked by different buyers, especially about Manhattan New York market and often parents want to purchase for children by New York University, Parson School of Design or any other university in Manhattan New York.

Chinese Mandarin Licensed Real Estate salesperson Eileen Hsu discuss general pricing for one bedroom condo in various neighborhood in Manhattan New York.


ABOUT EILEEN: https://chinesespeakingagent.com/about-eileen/ 

FOR SAVVY SELLERS that want to work with Chinese English Bilingual speaking Real Estate team https://chinesespeakingagent.com/for-seller/

Condo Sales Application Requirement for Chinese or Foreign National Citizen

Condo Sales Application Requirement for Chinese or Foreign National Citizen

We as Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate licensed sales person team, we work with many buyers who are foreign internationals without Green cards or citizenship. Almost anyone can buy a Manhattan New York condo as long as they are financially qualified as far as seller is concerned. If this is a resale condo purchase, each buyer will have to complete a Condo sales application required by each condo board and management, no exceptions.

Many of our Chinese Speaking and Foreign International buyers are all cash buyers, and always ask us why they still need to complete a condo sales application? The answer is simple, in a condominium environment, the condo board and management need to ensure the perspective buyer is in good standing with law, with good credit history and lastly, they will make good residents to their fellow neighbors.

The condo application often consist of the follow items:

  • Basic application with applicant (perspective buyer) information
  • Landlord or previous housing reference
  • Financial Statement, demonstrate assets
  • Employer Reference
  • Tax Return or CPA letter stating annual income
  • Proof of Funds or Mortgage commitment
  • Personal Reference
  • Application fees

These are just some of the common required items on the condo application, each condo is different with their own condo application.

ChineseSpeakingAgentWe often work with our Chinese and Foreign International buyers to work through this application process as part of our service. We have great deal of experiences working with each condo management to complete the package as many international buyers simply do not have each items, we will supplement with other documents to suffice the management requirement.

If you are a Chinese or Foreign International buyer looking to work with an experienced team, contact us today.

(646)644-6929, we will respond to your promptly.



155 West 68th Street TWO BEDROOM FOR SALE

Dorchester Towers Condo | 155 West 68th Street TWO BEDROOM FOR SALE

155 West 68th Street New York NY 10023 also known as Dorchester Towers Condo is located in the heart of Lincoln Center of Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan New York.

Dorchester Towers Condo located at 155 West 68th Street unit 34B

Dorchester Towers Condo located at 155 West 68th Street unit 34B

Dorchester Towers Condo Two Bedroom For sale This unit is a two bedroom two bathroom condo unit on the 34th floor of the building. As you walk in, you will immediately see the open Western Exposure that makes the apartment feel open, spacious, and most of all, right at home.

155 West 68th Street – Dorchester Towers condo building was built in 1964 and sits on the city block of West 68th Street to West 69th Street, Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue. The building has several ground floor retail stores on the Broadway and Amsterdam side.

When the visitors come to the building, they will noticed the well landscaped garden alone the circular driveway. The circular driveway allows residents to have grocery or items drop off right up to the lobby. The lobby of the building has full time 24 hours doorman and concierge, the friendly and helpful staff at Dorchester Towers Condo will always assist residents with their grocery, luggage, getting in or out of taxi or cars.

Call us, at (917)837-8869 if you would like to know more about Dorchester Towers Condo. We have sold and leased many units in this great condo building. We know the neighborhood and its developements, we understand the building and its financials, we are the only agents that have been consistently selling and renting the unit in Dorchester. Work with us, you will be happy with the result. Call us, (917)837-8869, your only Dorchester Towers specialists.


Dorchester Towers Condo Market Report click on link below:

More Details about this Two Bedroom unit, click on link below:



NYC Chinese Mandarin Speaking Agent SOLD again!

NYC Chinese Mandarin Speaking Agent SOLD again | Chinese Real Estate agent NYC sold another condo 

Since month of May this year,  our Chinese Mandarin Speaking Agents team have been very busy helping many buyers and sellers moving and relocating in Manhattan New York. Many newly university graduates relocate to New York city and looking for their new condo in NYC.

Recently, we sold a one bedroom condo in Financial District to an ambitious young buyer that graduated few years ago and have been looking for the right condo with her parents for a while. The buyer was referred to us from one of our past Chinese client who also bought a condo from us. Just few months ago, we made an offer on a condo and offer was accepted! Needless to say, the buyer was very pleased and able to own a new home!

Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children is one of specialty, every year, around month of May to September, there are surplus of new college university graduates relocating to Manhattan New York.

Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children is one of specialty, every year, around month of May to September, there are surplus of new college university graduates relocating to Manhattan New York.

As NYC Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agents team, we proud ourselves to provide the best customer service to our buyers. Many of our Chinese speaking buyers call and email us before they arrive to New York. Savvy buyers start their research early and speak to us early so they can best prepared themselves when they arrive to NYC.

Chinese Mandarin Speaking Buyers prefer to work with us NYC Manhattan Mandarin Speaking Agents because we speak the same language, we also are extremely efficient and understand what they are looking for based on our years of experiences. We understand their needs and concerns when it comes to purchase Real Estate and secure their investment in Manhattan New York.

If you would like our comprehensive help, you can call us at (646)644-6929 or email us at https://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/



June/July Manhattan Market Report 曼哈頓房地產市場報告 2013

June/July Market Report 2013 6月/7月曼哈頓房地產市場報告2013

This time of year is always our busiest and most active season of the year for Real Estate sales.  Not to sound like a broken record of last months newsletter but this sales market is definitely what we consider a “seller’s market.” We would say the difference now is that in the last month or so the sellers market has entered the media and the press which has created a couple of interesting dynamics.


Gramercy Starck Condo for sale

Gramercy Starck Condo for sale

First, seller’s know they have the advantage are are now asking more favorable listing prices.  We see some properties where the seller’s obviously don’t have a Real need to sell unless they receive uber-ridiculous prices and these apartments are sitting on the market.  You’d think that with rising prices, more sellers would want to take advantage of selling, but we still haven’t seen that much inventory come on the market.  We see average apartments(Ok condition, normal layout, good but not amazing views) selling within weeks if priced correctly, and we see feeding frenzies for the apartments that have the views, fully renovated, located in the prime buildings and neighborhoods.


Second, with our buyer customer’s we spend a lot of time confirming availability even before we schedule an appointment.  Most of the time if something has been on the market for a few weeks when we call to schedule the appointment they already have an offer accepted and a back up.  Moving fast has never been as important.


A new question we are receiving from our buyer’s and its a question we ask ourselves because of this hot market is, “If an apartment has been on the market for a month and is still available, then what is wrong with it?”  A very fair question and something to definitely investigate.  Sometimes the pictures of the apartment look great on-line but in person you see the apartment is facing a brick wall, or there is a tenant in place that limits showings to just a few hours a week practically making the apartment impossible to see, or maybe the listing agent doesn’t know what they are doing and makes negotiations very difficult.


We are also helping out a lot of of owners’ find qualify tenants for their apartments, the rental market is very strong as demand peaks in the early summer months with the majority of leases coming up, relocations for new job, students looking for housing.  We represent many landlords on the market so let us know if you are interested in renting your apartment.



Manhattan NY Spring Market is hotter than the weather!

With Summer near us, New York Real Estate market here is heating up faster than New York city weather.  OVERVIEW of MANHATTAN NEW YORK MARKET as of MAY 2013.

Limited housing supply is still the driving force as demand for the most prime and well priced apartments is still quite evident. We are seeing multiple bidding scenario’s on what seems like most condos that come on the market.  If an apartment is priced well and is found in an established building in what’s considered a good neighborhood if you don’t see it within the first week of coming on the market it’s often too late as they have already received a few offers.

We have been extremely busy seeing a lot of the new development condominium projects all over the city.  The main theme that we have seen is that property is flying off the market right now.  The first sign of the hot market is when you are trying to

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schedule an appointment and they are already booked for days in advance and when you finally get to the development office what you saw on-line a week ago as available has a contract out already.  The name of the game with new development is get in early and be ready to make a quick decision.
The re-sale condominium market where we represent a lot of sellers and buyers shows many of the same similarities.   Sellers are definitely in control of their destiny more so now than they have been in the last couple of years.  For most types of apartments demand far outweighs the inventory out on the market and when an apartment comes on the market the first open houses are packed and the most well educated and serious buyers are not afraid to make very good offers.
If you are interested in buying or selling in Manhattan New York, contact us today at (646)644-6929 or send us an email, we will get back to you promptly.

白金總裁獎 公司銷售經紀人頂端1%

二月份我們公司舉辦了每年例行的頂端經紀人晚會,托大家的支持,這已是我連續第二年得到公司的白金總裁獎(公司銷售經紀人頂端1%)。 在一個旗下擁有3,800個經紀人的公司,
我在這家公司 Douglas Elliman Real Estate 已待了八個多的年頭,從一開始就在公司內部銷售數一數二的辦公室(West 17th Street.)讓我見識到許多頂尖的銷售經紀人的能力(隨時都在賣(或賣出)美金兩千萬的豪華公寓),這讓我提醒自己隨時都要充實自己的知識跟學問,才能把握下一個機會。

Eileen Hsu was awarded with Chairman Circle Platinum Award (top 1% of the company) last two years in a row (both year 2011 and 2012). This is a great achievement in a company with 3,800 agents, total of 20,000 agents in Manhattan New York and in a competitive New York city market.

Eileen Hsu is currently a SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT of DOUGLAS ELLIMAN Real Estate brokerage in Manhattan New York.


Manhattan neighborhood Chinatown and Little Italy

Manhattan neighborhood Chinatown and Little Italy

Manhattan New York neighborhood Chinatown and Little Italy are two of NYC popular ethnic neighborhoods. When you walk through the streets underneath the fire escapes of turn-of-the-century tenements, you are awakened by the sights, sounds, and smells of the Italian and Chinese cuisines and cultures emerging from restaurants and shops.


Chinatown neighborhood boarder on Canal Street with many storefronts putting their merchandise onto the sidewalk and you can count on everything from “designer” handbags to electronics. New York city Chinatown is one of the largest Chinese communities outside Asia. It is not unusual to enter a street where all signs are in Chinese and where the stores are run without any English-speaking representatives. You’ll find the majority of dining choices along the narrow, winding Mott and Mulberry Streets just below Canal Street.

The boarder of Little Italy extends north of Houston Street up Sullivan and Thompson Streets; charming coffee shops and family restaurants-and their 21st century counterparts-tempt passersby to sample the homemade cooking. Visitors come here for authentic cuisine and a taste of old New York.

One of the most well known street-fair is the San Gennaro festival and in February the Chinese New Year is celebrated with dragon dances, parades and other traditional ceremonies, and thousands of tourists, residents and visitors join in the festivities. Apartment prices vary from block to block, from some of the cheapest in the city to higher-priced dwellings drawing residents who love the desirable downtown location.

Come visit New York and walk through the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy.

New York city Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent specialize in Parents Buy for children

New York city Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent specialize in Parents Buy for children

We are NYC Mandarin Chinese speaking Real Estate agent that work with many Mandarin Chinese Parents buy NYC condo for their son or daughter, we are a team that work with many international Chinese and local Chinese parents who seek a good condo for their son or daughter that is currently working or going to school in Manhattan New York. It is a common practice in our culture that parents will purchase young adult son or daughter their first home and also use it as future investment for them.
Many of our team members are Chinese American ourselves so we are accustom to many culture differences and nuances when it comes to finding the right condo for our buyers.
Many of our buyers seek to work with Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent because they feel comfortable in working with our team who speak their native language. When our buyers approach us, we like to work in a very efficient matter so no one’s time is waste. We ask buyers the following question:
Do you have a time frame in purchase for son or daughter, is there a rental apartment in place? Or are you living at a hotel?Manhattan New York condo with all cash purchase can take 45-60 days
as standard, and if it is a new construction condo, depending on if it is completed, sometimes longer, so plan the time-frame ahead is very important.
2) How do you want to pay for this? is it all cash in bank or need financing? If all cash, are all the cash here in United States or elsewhere? Any restriction in funding the money?
If financing, who is financing the purchase? The financing purchase can take 4-6 months depending on various factor, please call us to discuss in details.
3) Pricing, many of our buyers suggest that pricing is flexible, if pricing is flexible, then what size of condo unit that will work for you? One bedroom or Two bedroom or larger? For most basic and standard resale condo, one bedroom is starting at $700,000 USD and two bedroom about $1,300,000USD at today’s market place. If the building is in very desirable location, or any other additional feature of the condo, the price will go up from those guides.
If you would like to work with our Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent team that specialize in Parents buy for children, please contact us at http://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/



201 West 72nd Street Alexandria Condo in Upper West Side

201 West 72nd Street Alexandria Condo in Upper West Side

Alexandria at 201 West 72nd Street is one of the more prominent Upper West Side condominium buildings.  Originally built in 1990, The Alexandria Condominium is a 200+ unit 25 story tall 24 hour condo building.

At the 201 West 72nd Street was built, it established itself as one of the more desirable condominium buildings in the Upper West Side.  Conveniently located at 72nd Broadway, a convenient location next to the subway and multiple bus stops and just blocks away from both Central Park and Riverside Park.

Alexandria 201 West 72nd Street Upper West Side Condo

Alexandria 201 West 72nd Street Upper West Side Condo

Alexandria Condominium at 201 West 72nd Street from some of the other post-war condominium buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  These features include an extensive amenity package including a health club and pool, sundeck, laundry on every floor. A number of the apartments in the building include outdoor space, extremely tall ceilings, duplex apartments, and spacious layouts including various floor plans which is unique for a post war condominium building.

Located at the northern border of what would be described as the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side.  The Alexandria commonly is perfectly located for somebody looking to be in the Upper West Side neighborhood.  Even though this is a fairly sizable building at a little over 200 apartments, there isn’t that much turnover of apartments in the building every year.
A range of pricing for condos for sale in the Alexandria at 201 West 72nd Street include:

Studios typically sell from $525,000-$600,000
1 Bedrooms typically sell from $850,000-1,250,000
2 Bedrooms typically start around $1,350,000-$1,750,000
3 Bedrooms start around $2,250,000 and go up from there

What kind of mortgage can Chinese foreign international buyers have to buy NYC condos?

What kind of mortgage can Chinese foreign international buyers have to buy NYC condos?

Many of our buyers are Chinese foreign international buyers from Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and other countries). Many Chinese buyers decide to buy so they have a place to stay when they come visit New York city, owning a condo is much comfortable instead of staying at different hotels. For many of our Chinese Foreign International buyers, it is a good way for these buyers to diversify their assets and investments by purchasing a Manhattan New York condo. Our Chinese buyers rely on our expertise in finding them the perfect New York city investment.

For Chinese Foreign international buyers  asks us if they are able to obtain a U.S. mortgage, this will really depend on several items. (We are NOT mortgage brokers or mortgage bankers, this is for informational purpose only, it can change anytime per new lending guideline and regulation.)ESB_VIEWHOR

  • Status and/or Visa do they have any work visa or residence status in US? Or if they are true foreigner without any US credit history or records.
  • Down payment amount: there are few bank will have some lending program for foreigners that do not have any United States Credit history, though the bank will likely to require a higher down payment of 40% up to 60% on case by case scenarios.
  • Prior relationship with the bank, many of our Chinese buyers have prior relationship with different banks, if the bank has an office in New York, it may be possible for the buyer to obtain mortgage if there are other investments with this bank.

Please note that we are NOT mortgage professionals, we are experienced Chinese Speaking Real Estate agents that specialized in Chinese and foreign international buyers, we work with a team of mortgage professionals that specialize in foreign international lending.

Majority of our Chinese Foreign International buyers decide to find financing in their home country once they learn about all the lending criteria and requirements set by U.S. banks. The main reason being all the extensive paperwork and documentation required, hefty fees and mortgage closing cost if buyer decides to obtain US financing.  Chinese Foreign International home country lending process may be more streamlined and less costly.

If you are a Chinese and/or foreign international buyer looking to purchase a NYC condo email us (https://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/). We can discuss in details of your options and best way to find the right investment for you.