Chinese Real Estate Agent work with Different Chinese Real Estate Buyers

Chinese Real Estate Agent work with Different Chinese Real Estate Buyers

We are Chinese Real Estate Agents team that is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese with over a decade of working experiences with different types of Chinese Mandarin speaking buyers looking to buy in New York city. We are a bilingual team facilitate sales between Chinese speaking buyers/clients with English speaking sellers, co-brokers, developers, investors.

As Chinese Real Estate buyer’s agent service – Our successful track record is recognized annually at company award ceremony, we are Pinnacle Award recipient in year 2017, as well as Platinum Award and Diamond Award in previous years. We are consistently the top producing team among our market place and Manhattan New York.

Chinese buyers contact us to look for many Real Estate opportunities in Manhattan New York, here are some of our buyers:
Chinese parents buying for children that either go to school or work in New York: Chinese culture prefer to buy versus renting, parents often work hard, have a good saving plan to send children oversea to higher education and eventually buy them a home. Majority of our buyers are parents that either live in Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and etc) or out of town that has a son or daughter that is already in New York.

This big city New York has many universities and academic schools offers great International student programs to further their education. We have work with parents that have children go to School of Visual Arts (SVA) studying communication design, we looked for top condos near School of Visual Arts or close proximity that is comfortable enough for them to commute. Other than SVA, there is Parsons, which many of our past clients have son or daughter studying Fashion Design at this top rated university, we know what condo building that will be suitable for your search.

New York University (NYU) that has different campus in different neighborhood of Manhattan New York, depending on if the child goes to NYU Stern Business school or NYU Dental school, we have a list of top condos near those NYU campuses.

Many Chinese parents are also buying because their son or daughter work in New York, we as Chinese Real Estate Buyer’s Agent team had helped many parents that have a son or daughter work for financial institutions, and depending on where the office is located, there are a lot of Manhattan Midtown East or Midtown West condo options, as well as Financial District neighborhood offers great deal of condo options for buyers.

Chinese buyers who purchase for the future:

As we mentioned before, buying Real Estate is a part of Chinese culture, we know it is a sound investment if we find the right property. Many of our Chinese buyers often are very smart and sophisticated, they are well informed with current events and world news, often they look for the right opportunity to purchase.

We have work with buyers who purchase because maybe their young child who is 4 or 5 years old one day would like to move to Manhattan New York, they secured a good property now at today’s pricing, when their young child is grown, perhaps they will trade in for a more spacious and larger apartment, and for now, they will hold the property either use it when they visit New York or rent out to long term tenants.

We have sold many newer construction condos to Chinese buyers because the pricing is attractive and there is no hassle in renovating the apartment or near future upkeep. There is also a good future price appreciation in New construction condo when we select the right one for the purpose.

For parents with young children, often they ask about schools in New York and like some guidances in Manhattan school system. We have worked with parents that we connect them with the right school consultants and educators to them so that they can be well informed. Prepare children for their future education is all Chinese parents top priority, we offer our resources for parents that would be interested to know more.We provide many life essentials and resources for our international Chinese buyers.


Chinese Real Estate Investors:
We work with many oversea international Chinese Real Estate Investors, many of the investors are savvy and have purchased Real Estate other parts of the world or country. These groups of Chinese Real Estate investors are extremely numbers savvy and rely on the ROI, Return on Investment yield to make decision, when we work with these Chinese Real Estate investors, we provide them with details of assessment and diagnostic of each project.

Our Chinese Real Estate investors are interested in residential buildings, commercial spaces, development land sites, to hotels and various Real Estate venture projects.

International and Chinese Real Estate Investors work with our Chinese Real Estate buyer’s agent team to discuss what they like to achieve. Some investors are more aggressive would like to immediate return and high gains, while others prefer a longer term investment that they can reply on. We consult them on what is realistic goals and what can be achieve within their comfort zone.


Regardless of our buyers intention and motivation in buying and investing in Manhattan New York, our special client base are high net worth buyers from various countries in Asia and as well as in United States, we have been connecting New York properties and investments to our special clients for the past decade. The buyers trust in working with us because we have their best interest at heart. When it comes to advise our buyers, we complete an extensive research and due diligence before presenting the investment opportunity to our clients as time is valuable for our international clients.

If you are an New York city Condo Sellers or Developers, we would be happy to discuss how you can benefit from working with our team to maximize your marketing exposure to an very special specific oversea market. We work with highly financial qualified buyers that are seeking to purchase multiple investment condominium units.


We speak with many Manhattan New York sellers that have unique properties in New York and investment opportunities that they would like the special exposure and attention of our high net worth Chinese buyers.

We also work with many different buyers whether they speak Chinese or English in various stages of purchase. If you are a buyer and already found the right property that you would like to present an offer, call us, we can represent you and facilitate you through out the process. We ensure your buying process is smooth without any mistakes.

If you are a buyer had just started looking for property. Contact us and we can work on a plan for you to find the suitable property within your desirable time-frame.

You can reach our team by calling (646)644-6929.


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