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Mandarin speaking Real Estate team in Manhattan New York

Mandarin speaking Real Estate team in Manhattan

Eileen Hsu team is a bilingual Mandarin and English speaking Real Estate team in Manhattan. Our international buyers work with us because we are experienced, dedicated and efficient.

As a bilingual Mandarin and English speaking Real Estate agents, when we represent buyers, we use our experiences to protect our buyers interests and negotiate the most ideal terms for our VIP Chinese buyers. Our past clients usually refer their family and friends to us because our exceptional service and result.

We are Mandarin Speaking Real Estate team that are very well experienced in various neighborhoods of Manhattan, such as Midtown East, Midtown West, Columbus Circle, Upper West Side, Union Square, Financial District and Fifth Avenue condos, just to name a few. We have  worked with Chinese buyers and investors from local Manhattan communities, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA.

Contact us today if you are a Mandarin-Chinese speaking buyers looking to purchase in Manhattan New York.





今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談,電話是 646-644-6929 免費提供買方優質服務。

Can I get more discount if I pay ALL CASH to buy NYC condo?

Can I get more discount if I pay ALL CASH to buy NYC condo?

We work with Chinese and International buyers are all cash  from local United States and/or international buyers. New York city is a great city full of very successful business men/women with and high income producing career such as finance, fashion, culinary and more.

In our own experiences, we are seeing 75% of our own sales are all cash in all price range.

Many out of town parents buying for their son or daughter ALL CASH with no mortgage, one/two bedroom units at $1M-$2M range to some international or foreign investor VIP investing over $8M all in cash.

Based on our sales in year 2011 and so far 2012, about 75% or more of our buyers are all cash with no financing needed, serious and motivated buyers. All cash buyers prefer to work with us because we are experienced and can negotiate ideal price or terms for our buyers in this highly competitive Real Estate market.

Buyers we work with asks us often: How much discount can they get since they are paying all cash? To be specific, here are several factors determined the amount (%) of discount a cash buyer can receive.

The neighborhood and location of the condo: Buyers that interested in high demand and popular neighborhoods such as near Central ParkUnion Square, TriBeCa, West Village or convenient locations that is easy to commute or travel to universities. These neighborhoods are internationally well known neighborhoods in Manhattan, therefore, there are many other buyers also on the market seeking the perfect home in those neighborhoods, there will always be more buyers than housing inventory in these specific neighborhood.  When and if a fair priced condo comes up on the market and it is in move in condition, there is a good chance that there will be multiple offers in place and other all cash offers, therefore, the seller will entertain and accept likely the highest price offer if all offers are cash.

Closing time frame: 1) For brand new construction and it is completed built, finished, ready to move in, if all parties (buyer, seller, attorneys) are available and funds are ready, then 10-14 days may be possible. 2) If the condo is a resale, that you are buying from a private seller not developer, with an all cash offer, the closing can take place 30-45 days. If the seller is motivated, they will be looking to close as soon as possible, this means if you are all cash, and your funds are ready, then there is a good chance of negotiating with seller an ideal price since it is an all cash and can close as soon as possible.

Terms of the offer: This sometimes apply to some new construction condos. Some new construction condos in Manhattan sometimes will offer buyers’ incentives. Some of the buyer incentives perhaps are giving buyer a gift card to a home decorating store or other form of gift cards, some will offer paying off part of the closing cost, this all depends on how the new construction condo is selling, if they are selling well, then most likely there will not be any incentive. With these incentives, they also count as part of the ‘discount’, even if the discount is not directly off the sales price, it is still a good way to receive some perks if the developer is motivated.

We also have a list of motivated seller listings that will entertain all cash offers and provide more price flexibility.

Many all cash buyers work with us because we are able to protect our buyers’ interests and negotiate many favorable terms for our buyer, our all cash buyers are always delighted with our savvy negotiation skills and refer their friends and families to us.

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Central Park Condos 紐約中央公園豪華豪宅

Many of our international buyers love Central Park and would like to buy a two bedroom condo with Central Park view, the pricing of Central park condo has a broad range because it depends on a number of variable’s, most importantly if you are looking within a certain building and specifically what type of Central Park View are you looking for?

Time Warner Center at 25 and 60 Columbus Circle. Non-park exposure facing Two Bedrooms are typically asking on average about $4,000,000 USD, but the direct park facing exposure units usually start in the $8,000,000 range.  There is quite a premium for the park facing units.  Other factors might come into play also, such as park facing units might be a bit larger than the non-park facing apartments.
The premium for Central Park Views from within the same building is going to be a consistent variable, no matter the building.  If you are looking at 101 West 67th Street, 160 Central Park South, 1 Central Park West, or 15 Central Park West, the premium for Central Park Facing units is going to be quite evident.
The type of Central Park view you desire is going to also determine the buildings you will be looking at and the price segment that you will have to look within.  If you want an unobstructed direct park views in a building right on Central Park there are only going to be a few codominiums both on Central Park West, Central Park South or Fifth Avenue that have this type of view and placement.
If you just want the view but can be a block or two off of Central Park then your options will open up. A building like 101 West 67th St has some of the most commanding Central Park Views in the Upper West from a condominium building, or 721 Fifth Avenue or One Beacon Court, the high floor units have spectacular views.
Call us and we can find you a suitable condo with Central Park view or near Central Park.

Mandarin Speaking Agents in NYC

Eileen (許小姐) is Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agent here in Manhattan New York. Eileen is also a Vice President 副總 of prestigious Manhattan Real Estate firm Prudential Douglas Elliman. She is Ranked in the Top 2% of Sales Professionals & Teams in the United States Prudential Real Estate Network. 我能說流利的普通話和英語。( Eileen has a team that service both sellers and buyers of Manhattan New York market.

幫兒女買紐約曼哈頓公寓Chinese parents buy Manhattan NY condos for son or daughter

Chinese parents buy Manhattan NY condos for son or daughter


Many of our buyers are Chinese parents from out of town or country to buy a luxury condo for their son or daughter.

Asian parents knows the value of sending son or daughter to go to school in United States or aboard, New York is one of the US city that is on top parents lists.  New York has a very unique and different market than other parts of the world. Buying condo in Manhattan New York can be complicated and stressful if you are not team up with the right agent as this is a very unique market place unlike anywhere else in the country or world. Many parents who are buying for their son/daughter that goes to school (New York University, Parsons school of design, School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, music school, other well known schools) or simple work in Manhattan New York.

Few key steps to prepare and understand before your home search

  • Time frame – is your son or daughter current renting an apartment? This is important to know so you can plan ahead.
  • Location – Location is everything in buying Real Estate. Where is the school son or daughter will be going to? Or where is their office? Would you prefer a neighborhood that is closer to where they will be going to daily? Or any specific preference? Manhattan New York neighborhoods vary, many convenient and central neighborhoods are in very much high demand. The buyers for those particular neighborhood must act quickly if they see a property they like.
  • 45 days to 60 days IF YOU PLAN ON PURCHASE IT ALL CASH, cash means money in your bank account, this does NOT include any offshore financing or creative financing. (this does not include New development or new construction buildings. If new buildings, it can be much longer depending on the building, or it can be quick) Typically, the quickest we can close would be 45 days.
  • 60 days or LONGER if FINANCING: If you are planning on financing this investment, be sure to speak to a local Manhattan lender that is familiarize with the market, the lending rules, and the mortgage products that may be suitable for you and your son/daughter.
  • Experienced and efficient Bilingual Real Estate Agent: We are the top producing team that is bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English. We are also the Manhattan New York market experts to educate you the housing market. Working with us will help you find the most ideal condo for your son or daughter and stress free transaction.
To avoid any delay or issues during your home search for your son and daughter, it is advantageous for you to team up with agents who have the experience to ensure a smooth process. You may have purchase homes in your home state or country before, but Manhattan New York is a very unique market, and Real Estate is local so it will benefit you as a buyer to best prepare so you do not waste anytime if you plan to visit NYC and identify a property for your son or daughter, call us today to plan this purchase today.


Manhattan New York Luxury Penthouse with a Pool – 有游泳池的頂樓房

Manhattan New York Penthouse with a Pool – 有游泳池的頂樓房

Your very own private pool from your Manhattan Penthouse Condominium.  A private pool, not just an outdoor shower or Hot Tub is the epitome of rarity and luxury for a Manhattan penthouse condominium.

Many of Manhattan New York buildings will have a pool as part of the amenity package, these pools are exclusive to the building residents,  however your very own private pool is extremely rare.

In Manhattan New York, there are very few condominium with their own private pool, usually less than a hand full. Even then it’s not a guarantee that there will be an apartment with its own private pool.

There are multiple layers of challenges in constructing a private pool on top of any high rise condominium, along with that difficulty comes with it the luxury of being able to walk out onto your roof top deck or terrace and going for a swim anytime you want. (photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental.)

If you are looking for a private pool as an absolute necessity, you will be either looking at a penthouse condominium or also a townhouse property. There are more townhouse residences that have built in pools in the lower levels of the building than there are penthouse condominiums with roof top pools.

Manhattan NY Penthouses with a private pool starts in the $15,000,000 range.

We have full access to Manhattan New York Penthouse availabilities.

Our team are experienced and knowlegable in Manhattan New York Real Estate market. Many of Eileen’s past clients work with her and her team because of our aggressive approach in searching for their one of the kind unique Manhattan penthouse. They are also very satisfied with our detail oriented service faciliating every step of the way to ensure a smooth purchase for these very busy and important penthouse buyers.

Eileen Hsu is also a bi-lingual Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agent that have worked with many top Asian CEO and business executives in finding their Manhattan New York Penthouses, often they used the New York Penthouses as their vacation home or a future investment when their young children decide to go to School or Universities in New York.

Penthouses with a pool is hard to come by, to be on the VIP list on the first notification basis on the penthouse you wish to purchase, call Eileen Hsu and her team today at 646 644 6929 or email us ( .

Mandarin Speaking Property Agent in New York city

Eileen Hsu and Catherine Jin are Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agents in Manhattan New York.

We are full time Real Estate agents, bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese and have helped many Chinese speaking Buyers purchase condo investments in Manhattan New York.

大家新年好, 我是Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐, 你也可以稱呼 我Eileen. 我是在曼哈頓做地產的經紀人 (Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent). 今天我們談一談父母親幫孩子買房子有什麼幾點要注意的.

第 一點是, 紐約這邊的房員有百分之八十五是合作公寓, 如果您在網上看到的話就是叫做coop. 另外一種是condo. 那condo是什麼呢? Condo的話,就是有產權的房子. 有產權的房子對我們華人來講是比較方便的, 因為可以自由的出租或者說是轉賣, 不需要委員會的同意或者批准, 只是有些表格要填, 讓他們通過而已. 那如果我們今天要來買房子, 幫孩子買, 大部分的華人是買condo的. 因為這樣子如果孩子以後就職在別州或者是離開紐約, 可以當作一個投資的機會來出租.

今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談, 我的電話是646-644-6929. 也可以麻煩您打個e-mail給我 我會馬上給你們回電好嗎 謝謝!

International Foreign Chinese Buyers buy NYC flats

International-foreigners or Chinese buy NYC Flats Questions & Answers Part 1

We have an international clientele from all over the world, many of them refer NYC condos or apartments as ‘flats’. Buyers from United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and few other countries often would use the term ‘flats’ for these condo units.

We as Manhattan Real Estate property agents and bilingual in Chinese and Mandarin language, we work with many international foreigners Chinese buyers wanting to buy a NYC flat or flats. Our job is to educate buyers about our unique Manhattan housing market before their arrival, discuss what they have in mind, type of NYC flat they prefer, and the price range they would like to spend. Based on their initial criteria, we can then recommend them the best strategy and process to go about their purchase for NYC flats.

When foreigner plans to buy an NYC Flat, they often have a list of common questions, we have compiled a list to better inform them. Here are part 1 of the questions and answers.

  • Can Foreigner-international Chinese buyer buy a NYC flat without having United States Social Security Number or United States residency? Yes, foreigner-international buyer can legally buy a NYC flat, but have to meet the NYC Condo board’s requirements for approval. At the sale of the real property, Non-resident aliens (foreigners) are subject to federal withholding tax at 10% of the gross sales price, and to a 8.97% New York State estimate income tax on the net sales proceeds (gains).
  • Can Foreigner international Chinese buyers obtain United States mortgage financing? 9 out of 10 of our foreign international buyers prefers to purchase the NYC flats with all cash. It is very difficult for Foreign international buyers to apply for an US mortgage in today’s market place, it is advisable if possible for the buyers to obtain financing options in their home country and buy it all cash here in Manhattan New York. If you absolutely need financing, please contact us directly so we can discuss the possible options.

As experts in working with Foreign National Chinese buyers and out of town Chinese speaking buyers, we are constantly educating the buyers and addressing the misinformation and false assumptions that client bring from his/her home town/country, and culture in order to explain the options, alternatives, and their consequences.

Contact us by clicking this link. .We can discuss the options of your specific needs and time frame. Thank you.

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent NYC

大家新年好, 我是Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐, 你也可以稱呼 我Eileen. 我是在曼哈頓做地產的經紀人 (Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent).

今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談, 我的電話是646-644-6929. 也可以麻煩您打個e-mail給我 我會馬上給你們回電好嗎 謝謝!




2012 新年好! 投資紐約房地產-好時機進入市場

大家新年好, 我是Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐, 你也可以稱呼 我Eileen. 我是在曼哈頓做地產的經紀人 (Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent). 今天我們談一談父母親幫孩子買房子有什麼幾點要注意的.

第 一點是, 紐約這邊的房員有百分之八十五是合作公寓, 如果您在網上看到的話就是叫做coop. 另外一種是condo. 那condo是什麼呢? Condo的話,就是有產權的房子. 有產權的房子對我們華人來講是比較方便的, 因為可以自由的出租或者說是轉賣, 不需要委員會的同意或者批准, 只是有些表格要填, 讓他們通過而已. 那如果我們今天要來買房子, 幫孩子買, 大部分的華人是買condo的. 因為這樣子如果孩子以後就職在別州或者是離開紐約, 可以當作一個投資的機會來出租.

還 有第二點是時間上的關係, 如果說今天您是, 現金買 成交最快也是要四十五到六十天, 四十五天是最快的, 如果你們今天錢已經準備好了在銀行在美國的戶頭. 如果說今天是要貸款, 貸款的話時間就不能掌握了! 因為現在紐約貸款是非常非常的麻煩, 除了貸款人自己要有資格, 第二點銀行還要審核每棟樓,每棟樓都要經過銀行的同意,或者是批准才能借錢. 像過去兩三年前,  只要是您要借款, 你要借錢 ,銀行就願意借給你.

現在是銀行非常的保守.  所以說如果要借款的話, 大慨是九十天到一百六十天都有. 還有一點是, 如果說今天您在紐約, 如果說是有特別的定點要買房子. 其實, 紐約的房員, 其實我們是要注意看百分之十五的房員, condo  紐約這種的房源也不多.

今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談, 我的電話是646-644-6929. 也可以麻煩您打個e-mail給我 我會馬上給你們回電好嗎 謝謝!




235 East 40th Street Vanderbilt Condominium 紐約中城公寓

The Vanderbilt Condominium at 235 East 40th Street is one of the most well established and highly desired full service condominium buildings in the Midtown East neighborhood.  Located on 40th Street between 2nd and 3rd, within a very short distance to both Grand Central Station and the United Nations.  The Vanderbilt Condominium is one of the most conveniently located condominium buildings with close proximity to the midtown business district but also a number of neighborhood establishments.

Built in 1986, the Vanderbilt Condominium at 235 East 40th Street is a tall building at 41 floors with over 365 residential condominiums.  This full time doorman and concierge building has an amenity package that rivals any other Midtown East condominium building in the neighborhood.  Called the Vanderbilt Club, the lower level of the building has a 75 foot long pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness club, basketball/racquetball court, both mens/womens locker rooms, table tennis and all attended by building staff.

The Vanderbilt Condominium is a full service building, with 24 hour hour attended lobby with doorman and concierge, attended package room and live-in super.  There is a full size laundry room and garage that can be accessed from within the building.

The Vanderbilt Condominium is one of the most desirable condo buildings in the Murray Hill neighborhood
for a number of reasons.  The location near both Grand Central Station and the United Nations makes this highly valuable for the owners in the building  Located at 235 E 40th Street, this is one of the premiere Grand Central Station Condo buildings.

And because of the desirability of the Vanderbilt Condominium there is always a healthy number of sales occurring every year.  As the end of 2011 is right around the corner here is a market report of what has sold in the building this past year and what is available.

Currently for sale on the market there are Four(4) One Bedroom Apartments asking a range of $675,000-829,000.  The size of most of the apartments and different degrees of renovation along with lower to higher floors accounts for the fluctuation in pricing.  The higher floor One Bedroom apartments for sale at 235 East 40th St, typically have 1.5 bathrooms also increasing their value.

There are a number of apartments in contract right now that will probably close in the next couple of months.

So far in 2011 there have been approximately 13 closed sales.  There is a possibility that there were more sales than that between individual owner’s or properties that never came on the sales market, but we will get a good evaluation of pricing for 2011.

  • Studio’s-Two Studio’s sold so far in 2011 ranging in price of $385,000-$390,000.  Those prices reflected original condition apartments that needed renovation, lower floor units.
  • One Bedroom’s-Nine (9) One Bedroom apartments have sold so far in 2011.  The price range was wide, ranging from $585,000-$875,000.  The wide range is accounted for because of a varying degree of size, view and condition for each apartment.
  • Two Bedroom’s-Two (2) Two Bedroom apartments have sold in 2011.  The price range was $1,235,000-$1,370,000.

For such a big building as the Vanderbilt Condominium, having 12-15 apartments sell in 2011 is a healthy number.  That only makes up about 4% of the total inventory.  All in all that is fairly low.

Something to consider is how long each apartment stays on the market, typically once it is priced within a fair market range it will sell very quickly.

For a comprehensive and up to date list of the condos for sale at 235 East 40th St contact us today.  We have sold a number of apartments at The Vanderbilt Condominium so far in 2011 and can help you finding an apartment for sale in the building or helping you sell it.  Call us at (917) 837-8869 if you would like to speak with us.

Manhattan New York condo Buyers Must Read:

Vanderbilt Condos at 235 East 40th Street is one of the most desired Grand Central Station condos buildings. Whether you are looking to invest, rent, or live Vanderbilt Condos could be the location for you. 中文服务,专售纽约曼哈顿康斗 (646)644-6929.

金融區公寓-80 John Street SOUTH STAR CONDO

80 John Street commonly known as the South Star Condominium is a condominium building located in the Financial District. Located on John Street between Gold and William Street, it is conveniently located in the emerging residential neighborhood that is the Financial District.  80 John Street was originally built 1927 in the art deco architectural style.  It was converted from an office building to a residential rental building in the late 1990’s and then converted from rental to a condominium building in 2007.

This combination of pre-war architecture with today’s high end conversion style has created a very desirable building. The South Star is a full time doorman building, there is a fitness room, live-in super, and garage facilities within the building.  The building has 5 set backs creating a unique exposure and layout characteristic for many of the residences.

The apartments themselves have a lot of unique characteristics including high ceilings, typically ranging in size around 10 feet 6 inches, various layouts that are extremely spacious, along with high end finishes.

The apartments have wide planked Brazilian hardwoods, individual climate controls, large windows, and luxury appointed kitchens and bathrooms.  The kitchens have cherry cabinetry with granite counter tops.  The appliance package includes Sub Zero, Bosch and GE stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms include custom designed vanities, floor to ceiling imported tile, under mounted sinks and interior designs.

The building was converted in 2007 and there are some re-sale units on the market with a combination of different layouts.

Pricing for condominium residences at 80 John Street the South Star:

  • Studio apartments with separate sleeping areas are priced around $625,000
  • One bedroom condos for sale range in price from $695,000-$895,000
  • Two Bedroom condominiums for sale at 80 John Street are in the range of $899,000-$999,000
  • Three Bedroom apartments for sale at the South Star range from $1,350,000 to $1,450,000

We also have other condo available in different buildings in Financial District if you are looking to purchase a home in this neighborhood. Contact us now so we can discuss how you can find the right home for your needs and time frame.

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30 West 61st Street New York New York 10023 – JUST SOLD, Studio apartment $480,000

30 West 61st Street New York New York 10023 – JUST SOLD, Studio apartment $480,000.

We work with many parents buying for Children for young adult son or daughter that either go to school here in NYC or work in NYC. This studio apartment is perfect for that purpose or an investor who is looking to park their cash in Manhattan New York Real Estate.

This studio apartment has South facing sunny exposure, open kitchen, plenty of closet space, it is perfect for someone who loves Upper West Side, or work/go to school near the neighborhood.

The Beaumont Condominium is a fantastic Condo building in the heart of the ever growing Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle community. 30 West 61st Street is a 31 story brick building, with 166 units including studios – 3 BR’s and 5 penthouses (each with its own roof top decks and fireplaces).

The building has 24 hour Doorman, Concierge, and a Superintent in the building. Laundry machine on each floor, the parking garage (separate monthly fee) is in an adjacent building, and there is a green landscaped courtyard for building residents to enjoy.

Here is a youtube video on the wonderful neighborhood of Lincoln Square in Upper West Side Manhattan New York.

This apartment is sold, but we do have other studios or apartments very comparable to this studio. Call us today at (917)837-8869 so we can discuss in detail what you are looking for and find the perfect fit for you.

Call 紐約地產經紀 Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐 today at (646)644-6929 so we can discuss in detail what you are looking for and find the perfect fit for you.

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Call 紐約地產經紀 Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐 today at (646)644-6929 so we can discuss in detail what you are looking for and find the perfect fit for you.




擁 有一戶曼哈頓公寓跟擁有一戶獨棟樓房是兩種不同的感受。擁有一戶曼哈頓公寓並不光只擁有一戶公寓,其中你還擁有這獨特社區的一部份。這獨特的社區包括了其 他屋主、工寓工作人員(管理員、門房、公寓水電工) ,及公寓管理團隊。當公寓裡有什麼東西損壞需要維修時,可以通知管理員或公寓水電工來處理,若不是很嚴重的情況大多時候水電工都可以處理。例如:水管堵 塞、沒冷/熱水、沒空調之類。這些都是公寓管理團隊可以處理的,若是超出他們的技術範圍他們通常都會推薦能維修的專人來處理,直到問題完善為止。

附 帶維修及職業管理的公寓社區最適合那些生活忙碌跟外州的投資人及買家。一通電話或email給管理團隊就可隨時替您處理待修的家中設備,完全不需離開辦公 室或手上的事讓您安心處理更重要的事。您買的不光是一棟樓房,您買的是一戶不讓您煩心,可以讓您處理更重要事情的社區。



紐 約曼哈頓在地產界是個奇特的市場,他是個世界金融中心,也是時尚的趨導者,這些眾多優勢吸引了各式各樣買家從世界各地擁入這地方。由於國外買家不清楚紐約 特有的交易規則,經常會誤解紐約的交易程序。國外買家經常會用他們本地的交易方式套在曼哈頓的交易方式,忽略到紐約的交易方式並不是如他們所想像。介由我 們—我們會跟您詳細的解釋紐約房地產交易過程,迎導您如何觀察紐約房地產市場、怎麼進/出場、怎麼在適當(優勢)時間出價、及怎麼讓您入戶您想要的公寓。 讓您馬上瞭解紐約這一塊獨特的房地產世界。


在 紐約,合同(契約)並不是由房仲業者來寫。交屋日期也不是地契公司 來挑選。紐約曼哈頓是一個房市仲裁區,所有房地產有關的業務都必須經由有紐約曼哈頓房地產認證許可的律師處理。買方及賣方各自需要一位有認證許可的律師代 表他們處理這些業務。我們在業界有許多交易經驗及人脈,可以介紹及提供最適合您購屋需求的律師給您。


任何保障條約:在 紐約曼哈頓,若要先脫售自有的地產來完成這交易–經常出現的條約為1. 確保銀行貸款批准 2. 確保銀行轉匯完成交易 3. 其他交易的保障. 曼哈頓房地產業界平時並沒有驗屋期這程序,因大部份的商品都是公寓結構,或合作公寓,沒有像獨棟樓房那類的驗屋期。也因此大部份時候契約合同上並不會有像 其他州有的驗屋條約這項,曼哈頓公寓基本交易方式就是照原樣買。

交屋日期:這 會根據您買的是新建計畫還是二手房而定。若是新房而賣家是建商,房屋也已完善,交期可以在一兩個星期內完成;若計畫還在建設中,這交期也相對的跟建設完善 後而定。若賣家是轉賣,而且準備好要搬遷,跟全現金交易— 交期會在公寓委員會四十五天內批准後而定。(若是要貸款購屋—交期會在公寓委員會60 ~ 90天內批准後而定。





Mandarin Chinese Speaking Agent-Eileen Hsu 許小姐

Eileen (許小姐) is Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agent here in Manhattan New York. Eileen is also a Vice President 副總 of prestigious Manhattan Real Estate firm Prudential Douglas Elliman. She is Ranked in the Top 2% of Sales Professionals & Teams in the United States Prudential Real Estate Network. 我能說流利的普通話和英語。( Eileen has a team that service both sellers and buyers of Manhattan New York market.

Eileen Hsu, Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent in Manhattan New York explain the difference between condominium and cooperative housing supply of New York city. Eileen Hsu and her team specialize in assisting many Chinese in US and Oversea in Purchasing Manhattan New York Real Estate properties.

Eileen Hsu, Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent in Manhattan New York explain the difference between condominium and cooperative housing supply of New York city. Eileen Hsu and her team specialize in assisting many Chinese in US and Oversea in Purchasing Manhattan New York Real Estate properties.

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Riverside Park and Riverside Blvd condos in Manhattan New York

RIVERSIDE BLVD Manhattan New York

Riverside Boulevard is the location of the Trump Park Buildings and now the Extell Development Buildings in the Upper West Side. Not to be confused with Riverside Drive which starts at 72nd St and goes north, Riverside Boulevard starts at 72nd St and goes SOUTH.  Right now it end at 62nd St, but will be lengthened as new development, specifically the Riverside South development project begins.

The Riverside South project was notably developed byDonald Trump and his partners.  Not an easy project that took some time to actually happen as it was a

complicated and massive development deal.  The area was originally a freight rail yard owned by New York Central Railroad. Also complicated the development was the West Side Highway, which had to be buried for a certain amount of road.

After decades and many different configurations the project finally came to some fruition as a number of hi-rise condominium buildings were built under the Trump Place name and the Riverside Boulevard address was born. Riverside Blvd is home to the Trump Place buildings and now a number of Extell development buildings including The Rushmore and the new condominium the Aldyn.  There is still southern expansion of the area that is going to be the home of more condominium building’s along with planned parks, school, retail and community involvement.

Some of these buildings include 240 Riverside Blvd-The Heritage at Trump Place200 Riverside BlvdTrump Place at 120 Riverside Blvd100 Riverside Blvd-The Avery, 80 Riverside Blvd-The Rushmore and 60 Riverside Blvd-The Aldyn.

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Central Park New York Condos With Terraces

Central Park Apartments with terrace Have you been looking for a Central Park Condo with a terrace or outdoor space? There are very few buildings that have that rare of all Manhattan condominium features, your very own outdoor space. Having your very own private terrace or balcony is a highly desirable feature.

To begin with, there are very few condominium buildings that directly face Central Park. Now add in the combination of having outdoor space and you are looking at a very limited section of the market. To get a Central Park view, you either have to live in a building that directly faces Central Park, such as Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, Central Park South, or Central Park West on the Upper West Side. Or you need to find a condominium building that is tall enough to clear the buildings in front of it and still see Central Park, a building like 101 West 67th Street-The Millennium Tower, 25 Columbus or 60 Columbus Circle at the Time Warner Center, 1 Beacon Court or 721 Fifth Avenue, or the Park Imperial, just to name a few. The general room of thumb is that the higher the floor in a building, the more than likely you will not have accompanying outdoor space. Can you imagine being 60 stories up with a huge outdoor terrace?

To find a Central Park Condo with a terrace, you will probably have to live on one of the exclusive avenues facing Central park directly. A few examples of Central Park condos with terrace’s could be found at a building such as 160 Central Park South-The Essex House or 15 Central Park West, 279 Central Park West, on the Upper East Side at 1212 Fifth Avenue and other select Fifth Avenue Buildings.

Expect pricing to be quite specific to each building. Any apartment with direct Central Park views is not priced like other apartments that might be similar in size, they are priced and compared to other Central Park facing condos.

If you want the Central Park View but don’t absolutely need the terrace

and want to save on price then moving to a taller building that still has unobstructed views of the park is a great option. There will be more selection, compared to a search with outdoor space.

Overall, a search for Central Park Condos with a terrace will include some of the most exclusive apartments in all of Manhattan, having your very own apartment facing Central park is well worth the investment.

Contact us ( or call (646)644-6929 directly to discuss what exactly you are searching for in terms of the Central park apartment with terrace. These apartments are one of the kind and not always available, we can start the conversation early and we will put you on the list to contact as soon as one becomes available if they are not currently on the market.

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How to make an offer and buy a Manhattan New York Condo

Manhattan New York Real Estate market is an unique market place, we work with many out of town and international buyers who brings their own ideas and previous experiences of Real Estate transaction into this market place and realize that there is a different way to complete a Real Estate transaction in Manhattan New York. Working with us, we will educate you not only the market, we will also educate you through out the entire Manhattan New York condo buying process.

Unlike other parts of the country or world, when a buyer makes an offer on a property here in New York, the offer is made through us, the Real Estate agents and the buyers do not sign any contracts or purchase agreement when making an offer.

Real Estate professionals DO NOT WRITE the contracts here in Manhattan New York. Title companies DO-NOT schedule the closings here either. Manhattan New York is an Real Estate attorney state, therefore all closing arrangements are done through Manhattan New York certified Real Estate attorneys. Both buyer and seller will each need an attorney to represent each party. We work with experienced Real Estate attorneys that we will able to recommend you one that best suited for your purchase.

To make an offer in Manhattan New York in the case of Manhattan New York condominiums, as a buyer you will need:

  • Proof of funds: if it is all cash, a bank or stock statement demonstrate that there is enough cash to make the purchase (ideally a United States bank or stock statement). If it is financing contingent, pre-approval from a United State bank is a must.
  • Any contingencies: in Manhattan New York, the common contingencies includes financing contingency to ensure bank will lend, funding contingency to ensure bank will fund(wire money) the transaction, and other sale contingency; if there any prior sale need to happen in order to make the new purchase. Manhattan New York Real Estate market usually do not have ‘INSPECTION’ period especially in Manhattan New York market place, most are condominiums or cooperative structure, inspection is often for Townhouses or single houses only, therefore, there is usually NO INSPECTION contingent as other parts of the country. Manhattan New York condominiums are purchased AS IS.
  • Closing date: This will depend on if you are buying a new condo or a resale condo. If it is a new condominium buying from sponsor, and the condo is ready, the closing date can be as soon as one to two weeks. If it is a new condominium and the construction is still on the way, then this time frame varies. If it is a resale condominium, if the owner is ready to move, and the transaction is all cash, then the time frame can be 45 days as soon as condo board approves the condo application. If financing for a resale condo, this time frame can be 60-90 days or more.
  • Personal Financial statement: This is sometimes required depending on the property (or if cooperative) and if there are other multiple bidding scenario. The personal financial statement includes all assets disclosure such as bank statements, 401K, retirement funds, other owned real estate, other mortgage or liabilities and etc. Full disclosure is a must if it is a Manhattan New York cooperative disclosure.

Once the offer is verbally accepted by the owner (seller), then we will have to provide a Real Estate attorney information immediately to start the contract. We work with a team of experienced Real Estate attorneys that we will able to recommend you one that best suited for your purchase.

Manhattan New York condo buyers frequent asked questions:

If you or someone you know would like to buy a condo in Manhattan New York condominiums, please call us directly today at (646)644-6929 or contact us ( We specialize in Manhattan New York condominium market and have experiences selling Manhattan New York condos in different neighborhoods, we offer confidential consultation customize to your specific investment needs.

Chinese speaking Real Estate Agent NYC – Another Successful Transaction

I am a Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent in New York, myself and my team are fluent in Mandarin, Shanghainese, and other Chinese dialects. We often helped many buyers from out of town such as New Jersey, California, Vancouver, or out of the country buyers from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries to find their perfect Real Estate investment.

As a Chinese speaking Real Estate agent here in New York, I receive many phone calls from buyers who are buying for their children who are in New York for work or school. We are able to help them identify the best investment for them by educating them about the unique Manhattan market place, evaluate what is important for them, understand the purpose of buying in Manhattan New York.

Today, another successful transaction has been closed. In this transaction, myself and my team represent the buyers who seeked out for a knowledgeable and experienced Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent. It is always a fantastic day when the buyers are happy with their purchase, it makes the hard work worth it.

Here is a photo of everyone at the closing table today.

Happy Buyers with their child, Sellers, and their perspective attorneys.

我是許小姐Chinese Real Estate Agent in New York,曼哈頓房地產的專家,我幫助了許多中國和亞洲人為他們的孩子在紐約購買曼哈頓房地產.曼哈頓房地產是於世界上任何其他地方或國家不同,也於其他美國州不同.

Chinese Real Estate agent in New York 購買紐約曼哈頓公寓作為父母為子女購買,你應該明白你的預算和時間。這是一個五年計劃,同時你的孩子去學校在紐約嗎?我們與許多父母是誰買他們的兒子或女兒去紐約大學,帕森斯設計學院,視覺藝術學院,哥倫比亞大學,Jillards音樂學校和其他知名學校這裡在曼哈頓紐約。這是您的兒子或女兒,目前正在曼哈頓?他們有一個穩定的工作或財務自由嗎?他們目前可以出租和租賃即將到期或每月安排?重要的是我們知道的原因和時間,以便我們能夠縮小搜索你。

Chinese Real Estate Agent in  New York 購買紐約曼哈頓公寓作為家長為孩子買,你應該與貸款顧問,會計師,曼哈頓房地產律師討論購買程序。會計師:如果你正計劃共同購買的公寓與您的孩子,一定要討論可能的稅務並發症則可能是你的會計師。您的發言之前,您購買的會計師可以是非常有益的。 許小姐Chinese Real Estate in New York 購買紐約曼哈頓公寓作為父母為子女購買,經驗豐富的曼哈頓公寓的專家來指導您完成這一進程,並瀏覽了曼哈頓房地產迷宮。無論你是首次置業,或投資者,購買和出售的多個屬性在其他地區或國家的美國,我們可以提供幫助。了解當地市場與市場專家能最大化您的投資,並避免任何可能發生的問題作出的規則。我們的許多客戶是第一次來的投資者,他們買了許多曼哈頓公寓的。如果您想購買曼哈頓房地產,現在與我聯繫(646)644-6929 許小姐.

Eileen Hsu (許小姐) Vice President 副總 Prudential Douglas Elliman
Mobile (手机): (646)644-6929