We sell 'AS IS' condition: No Inspection in Manhattan New York Real Estate

No inspection in Manhattan New York Real Estate, Where the most of the Real Estate in the country has inspection as part of the negotiation, buyers are allowed to inspect the property once the offer has been made and written and ask the sellers for credits and money back after they inspect the property,  in Manhattan New York Real Estate, we sell the Co-Ops and Condos in ‘AS IS’ condition.

No Inspection and “AS IS” condition (in Manhattan New York Real Estate) means all appliances should be in working order, there should not be any visible structural damage, such as leak, cracks in the wall and etc. The seller is responsible to fix if the dishwasher, refridgerator, stove, faucet, and etc is not working. The seller is NOT responsible if the buyer wants a new sink, new floor, or a new coat of paint. Sellers are not obligated or responsible for cosmetic fix ups. The general practice in Manhattna New York Real Estate, we do not credit buyer any money back for non-structural fix ups. (there are some more complicated transactions and exceptions will be made).

With that being said, even though in Manhattan New York Real Estate there is no formal inspection, buyers should always inspect the property and note all the cosmetic fix ups should be discussed with buyers’ agent prior to buyers submit the offer. Buyer can always suggest part of the cosmetic fix up to be sellers’ responsibility during the price negotiation, however, it is up to the seller to decide if this is something they are willing to do. If the seller is not willing to make the changes that was suggested, buyers should take that cost into consideration when submitting an offer, and not after the offer was submitted! Once the offer is accepted, most of the time sellers are not interested in re-negotiate an offer after the offer is verbally accepted.

*exception can always be made, though this is the general practice in Manhattan New York Real Estate.*

Below are some more information for you to understand Manhattan New York Real Estate market better.

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