Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: Who can fix my condo if something breaks in my Manhattan NY condo?

We are Manhattan New York condo specialists, often we are asked by our buyers of series of questions that are regards to the unique Manhattan New York condo markets. We will be answering these frequent asked questions and hope to help other buyers who are interested in buying or investing in Manhattan New York condominiums.

Working with many Manhattan New York condo buyers who are from out of town who are more familiar with single family house, we are often asked “Who can fix my condo if something breaks in my Manhattan NY condo?. Many of our buyers purchase their Manhattan New York condo as second home, investment or for their son/daughter who goes to school or works in Manhattan New York. Maintaining the condo in good shape is on top of their list. (photo courtesy of

Owning a Manhattan New York condominium is different than owning your own single family house. When you own a Manhattan New York condo, you are an owner of a special community. This community often consist of other condo owner residents, building staff (doorman, porters, handyman and superintendent) and building management. When and if something breaks in the property, you can contact either the building management or superintendent to have a look to see if they can help you fix it. Depending on what the repair will be, if it is minor, the building handyman should be able to help you resolve the issue. Issues such as declog the drain, toilet, faucet, to proper running of hot/cold water, heat and cold air. These are items that the building maintenance staff can help you with, if the building staff can not fix the issue, they usually can and will recommend another specialist (plumber, electrician and etc) that will repair or look after the issue.

The condominium community with a maintenance team and support system is most ideal for buyers who has a busy lifestyle or out of town buyers/investors. With a phone call, or email to the management or the condo maintenance department, your toilet or heat can be fix before you get home from work. This is one of the huge benefit in buying in Condominium community.

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