Condo Sales Application Requirement for Chinese or Foreign National Citizen

Condo Sales Application Requirement for Chinese or Foreign National Citizen

We as Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate licensed sales person team, we work with many buyers who are foreign internationals without Green cards or citizenship. Almost anyone can buy a Manhattan New York condo as long as they are financially qualified as far as seller is concerned. If this is a resale condo purchase, each buyer will have to complete a Condo sales application required by each condo board and management, no exceptions.

Many of our Chinese Speaking and Foreign International buyers are all cash buyers, and always ask us why they still need to complete a condo sales application? The answer is simple, in a condominium environment, the condo board and management need to ensure the perspective buyer is in good standing with law, with good credit history and lastly, they will make good residents to their fellow neighbors.

The condo application often consist of the follow items:

  • Basic application with applicant (perspective buyer) information
  • Landlord or previous housing reference
  • Financial Statement, demonstrate assets
  • Employer Reference
  • Tax Return or CPA letter stating annual income
  • Proof of Funds or Mortgage commitment
  • Personal Reference
  • Application fees

These are just some of the common required items on the condo application, each condo is different with their own condo application.

ChineseSpeakingAgentWe often work with our Chinese and Foreign International buyers to work through this application process as part of our service. We have great deal of experiences working with each condo management to complete the package as many international buyers simply do not have each items, we will supplement with other documents to suffice the management requirement.

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