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Chinese speaking Real Estate Agent NYC – Another Successful Transaction

I am a Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent in New York, myself and my team are fluent in Mandarin, Shanghainese, and other Chinese dialects. We often helped many buyers from out of town such as New Jersey, California, Vancouver, or out of the country buyers from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries to find their perfect Real Estate investment.

As a Chinese speaking Real Estate agent here in New York, I receive many phone calls from buyers who are buying for their children who are in New York for work or school. We are able to help them identify the best investment for them by educating them about the unique Manhattan market place, evaluate what is important for them, understand the purpose of buying in Manhattan New York.

Today, another successful transaction has been closed. In this transaction, myself and my team represent the buyers who seeked out for a knowledgeable and experienced Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent. It is always a fantastic day when the buyers are happy with their purchase, it makes the hard work worth it.

Here is a photo of everyone at the closing table today.

Happy Buyers with their child, Sellers, and their perspective attorneys.

我是許小姐Chinese Real Estate Agent in New York,曼哈頓房地產的專家,我幫助了許多中國和亞洲人為他們的孩子在紐約購買曼哈頓房地產.曼哈頓房地產是於世界上任何其他地方或國家不同,也於其他美國州不同.

Chinese Real Estate agent in New York 購買紐約曼哈頓公寓作為父母為子女購買,你應該明白你的預算和時間。這是一個五年計劃,同時你的孩子去學校在紐約嗎?我們與許多父母是誰買他們的兒子或女兒去紐約大學,帕森斯設計學院,視覺藝術學院,哥倫比亞大學,Jillards音樂學校和其他知名學校這裡在曼哈頓紐約。這是您的兒子或女兒,目前正在曼哈頓?他們有一個穩定的工作或財務自由嗎?他們目前可以出租和租賃即將到期或每月安排?重要的是我們知道的原因和時間,以便我們能夠縮小搜索你。

Chinese Real Estate Agent in  New York 購買紐約曼哈頓公寓作為家長為孩子買,你應該與貸款顧問,會計師,曼哈頓房地產律師討論購買程序。會計師:如果你正計劃共同購買的公寓與您的孩子,一定要討論可能的稅務並發症則可能是你的會計師。您的發言之前,您購買的會計師可以是非常有益的。 許小姐Chinese Real Estate in New York 購買紐約曼哈頓公寓作為父母為子女購買,經驗豐富的曼哈頓公寓的專家來指導您完成這一進程,並瀏覽了曼哈頓房地產迷宮。無論你是首次置業,或投資者,購買和出售的多個屬性在其他地區或國家的美國,我們可以提供幫助。了解當地市場與市場專家能最大化您的投資,並避免任何可能發生的問題作出的規則。我們的許多客戶是第一次來的投資者,他們買了許多曼哈頓公寓的。如果您想購買曼哈頓房地產,現在與我聯繫(646)644-6929 許小姐.

Eileen Hsu (許小姐) Vice President 副總 Prudential Douglas Elliman
Mobile (手机): (646)644-6929

Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent – Eileen Hsu

Eileen Hsu, Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent in Manhattan New York. Eileen (許小姐) is Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agent in Manhattan New York. Eileen is also a Vice President 副總 of prestigious Manhattan Real Estate firm Prudential Douglas Elliman. Eileen and her team is Ranked in the Top 2% of Sales Professionals & Teams in the United States Prudential Real Estate Network. Eileen has a team that service both sellers and buyers of Manhattan New York market.

Foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC Part 1: basic knowledge of Condo vs. Coop vs. Condo-op

This is part 1 or 3 parts of Foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC: As active and successful Manhattan Real Estate professionals, we often receive inquiries from foreigners wanting to invest in Manhattan New York. It is essential for Foreigner buyers or out of town buyers understand the housing market here in New York city in order for them to decide what is a best investment for them.

Foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC, basic knowledge of Condo vs. Coop vs. Condo-op:

Generally coops do not allow foreign buyers to purchase into the building because it causes uncertainty and they know that they will not be able to pursue them legally if a situation arises. Also, generally the coops do not allow subletting (renting), unless under special circumstances.

Can Foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC buy Co-ops? the short answer is no. A phenomenon that’s limited almost entirely to Manhattan, cooperative apartments have been the traditional form of owning an upscale apartment for close to a hundred years. In fact, in New York City, 85% of all apartments available for purchase – and almost 100% of the grand pre-war apartments on Fifth, Park and Central Park West – are in co-operative buildings. Co-ops are owned by an apartment corporation. When you purchase within a co-op building, you’re purchasing shares of the corporation that entitle you, as a shareholder, to a “proprietary lease.” Generally, the larger your apartment, the more shares of the corporation you own. Co-op shareholders contribute a monthly maintenance fee to cover the building expenses. The fee covers such items as heat, hot water, insurance, staff salaries, real estate taxes and the mortgage indebtedness of the building. Portions of the monthly maintenance fees are tax deductible due to the building’s underlying mortgage interest. Also, shareholders can deduct their portion of the building’s real estate taxes.

A Co-op Board of Directors has the ability to determine how much of the purchase price may be financed and minimum cash requirements. Subleasing a co-op can be difficult. Each co-op has its own rules and they should be carefully reviewed prior to application to purchase. Most of the Co-Ops prefer owner occupied the apartment to create a sense of community instead of leasing out to others. For this particular reason alone, buying Co-Op as investment may not be suitable for foreigners or investors.

All prospective purchasers must interview with the Board of Directors. Prior to the interview, prospective purchasers prepare a detailed “Board Package” which usually contains personal and professional letters of recommendation as well as a great deal of personal information concerning income and assets.

Can Foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC buy Condominiums –

The answer is YES. As more and more new buildings are constructed in New York; condominiums are fast gaining in number and popularity. It’s not surprising. As opposed to a co-op, a condominium apartment is “real” property. A buyer receives a deed just as though he or she were buying a house. Each individual apartment in a condominium receives its own tax bill. There is still a monthly common charge similar to the maintenance charges in a co-operative. These charges don’t include your real estate taxes and are not tax-deductible. The monthly carrying charge also tend to be lower than in co-ops because there is no underlying mortgage for a condominium building. The straightforward nature of buying a condo coupled with the fact, that in some cases, you can finance up to 90% of the purchase price and sublet them at will, makes condominiums the number one choice for flexibility. (in today’s market, lenders do seek more than 10% down payment to purchase even though condo board will allow 90% financing.)

Can Foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC buy Condo-op? The answer depends on the building and the board of directors. Condo-op is a coop that  functions with condominium rules. Generally there is no board approval and no interview and subletting is allowed from day one.  This however has been changing and some of the Condo-ops will conduct the process just as coop board would.  Some Condo-ops will allow subletting only after a certain time, for example, you must live in the building at least one year before the building will allow you to sublet.  Please be aware that rules in coop and Condo-op can change at anytime and the only way to change these rules is by getting involved.

Part 2 we will discuss buying steps and process and part 3 about financing options for foreign buyers. Please visit us below to see other foreigner buying in Manhattan NYC related blog series:

If you are a foreigner or out of towner that would like to invest in Manhattan New York, please call us today at (646)644-6929 to discuss your specific needs. We have years of working experiences facilitating international/oversea foreign buyers and out of towners finding the right Manhattan New York Real Estate investment. TO DISCUSS HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM WORKING WITH OUR TEAM. CONTACT US AT (646)644-6929 Today!